Sunday, August 25, 2013

So, I knew it would happen....that I would start and blog and it would sit, but this weekend is the first one I have not had any definite plans. Let me tell you just how amazing of a weekend with my sweet family it has been.

As I have had time to really organize my thoughts, cook meals, catch up on work emails, play with my girlies and my hubby, spend time with our family....a few things about life have really surfaced in my mind.

1. That LOVE is really the most important thing.
2. Cultivating the mother/daughter relationship is key.
3. Time is more precious that I ever imagined it to be.

I love my girls with everything in me. The very thought that a mother could abandon her children or not have a relationship with her children is beyond fathomable(I do understand that their are special circumstances that do not allow for this...). So many things, hobbies and jobs are just for seasons, but being a momma is the one thing in life that defines part of my purpose till the end of my day. That very thought alone gets me up in the morning, helps me sit through a 45 minute battle with my stubborn 4 year old, cleans up the craziest messes, hides me from the embarrassing moments and teaches me patience like I've never know. The girls are funny, entertaining, and most importantly children of God. They are the most precious gifts I could ever receive, above any worldly possession and one that should never be taken lightly.

I often wonder why God gave me such gifts knowing my lack of patience, how quick tempered I can be and my desire to be a working mom, but at the end of the day even in my unworthiness, I know that if my God can love me so much to give me such precious gifts, He must see something in me more than I see of myself. It is in this moment that peace surrounds me and I know my purpose above anything in this world to serve my sweeties and to walk along side them.

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