Thursday, September 5, 2013

She Wore Lace

In just a few short days, I will turn the big 3-0!! I can remember a time when I couldn't imagine being that old and how I thought my life would be over by then. There were also people who didn't know what God was capable of doing in the heart of a very wounded little girl. As I have been nearing "the end of my life", I have had the opportunity to reflect and by reflecting one special moment in my life came to mind. So this moment I want to share as I feel it was the start of something fresh that would bring healing among the many trials the years following would face.

I want to share this story from the perspective of my dear momma. I tear up thinking about how amazing my life has been made by the people I have met, the things I've been able to do, the journeys I've had the pleasure of taking, the man I married, and the beautiful children we have the honor of raising, simply as a result of obedience from two pretty special people in my life.

"The first time we met our daughter was in August of 1990.  We had heard several weeks earlier of a little girl who was needing a home and almost instantly we both had a feeling.  After praying and making some phone calls, it was arranged that we would go to her home and meet her.  We were anxious and it seemed like things moved too slowly but finally we were on our way, a drive of about an hour to her grandparents’ home, to meet her.  We had a discussion on the way and determined that we would be open to making her a part of our family if her birth family approved of us.  We didn’t want to be influenced by what she looked like or other things that shouldn’t matter."

"We went into the small house and an adorable 6-year-old girl with huge dark brown eyes and very long dark brown hair bounced into the room to meet us.  She wore a white lacy dress and looked like a little princess.  She seemed very excited and had even applied makeup.  After visiting for a while it was decided that we could take her to a park to play and become better acquainted.  First, though, Grandma had her go to her room, change into play clothes and remove the thick layer of blue eye shadow.  She bounded from one piece of play equipment to another, laughing and playing.  I could tell by the look in his eyes and the smile on his face that Dad was smitten and there was no turning back.  Within a week or so she had come home to us and has been our daughter ever since and forever more."
Written by my Momma Gayla
Although, my memory is not the best I remember that little dress, the blue eye shadow and how I wanted  nothing more than to make sure they liked me. Surely they would if I looked pretty!:) Little did I know that they could care less about what I looked like and more about showing me unconditional love even when it proved to be one of the most challenging things Mom and Dad may have experienced in their life. Their unconditional love and love for our Savior is what has brought me to  my 30th year of life. The little girl that wore lace, is now a women dressed in the grace and mercy of our heavenly father.
Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures of me in this special dress, but it is now
Tatum and Latyn's to play with and enjoy.



  1. That is soooo special Ashley!! Thanks for sharing such a special special moment :)

  2. Beautiful story Ashley! Just cried as I read that. I had no idea! You've turned out to be an amazing woman, I be your parents are sooo proud!