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Royal Family Kids-You Are Worthy and Chosen Child

In just two weeks I will leave my girlies and hubby to go and love on kiddos have been abused in every way possible and who have not many, if anyone, to call their own. I want to share my story to give you a better understanding of my passion for abused and neglected foster kids and orphans. I have shared this before but wanted to share it again as I prepare for Royal Family Kids. My heart is overwhelmed with many emotions as I prepare to go and share of the healing and love only God can unconditionally give. I am in awe of God's plan and HIS provision.
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My story started with a deep rooted cycle of disobedience. Stagnation if you will.  A life full of hope, yet so filled with chaos, pain, and tough decisions. The month of November is Adoption Awareness month. Each year, this month for many brings back memories of what was, what could have been, and what is to be. It holds a special place in my heart as I remember, hear and see the hope that is given to those cast aside. The very notion that a child could not be loved, is sickening, but real. In my case, I was given a second chance to make a positive difference. While there have been many challenges; some still remain, I know that one thing is true: Obedience will get us to places we never imagined. 
This leads me to the an acronym.....
Obedience: Obedience; or disobedience, can have a rippling effect. With that being said, I would not be where I am without the disobedience of my Biological parents, and without the obedience of my adoptive parents. They had a desire to have another child, their obedience to be still and listen, and then act on what they were called to do changed my life forever. My Adoptive mom has told me that Daddy fell in love with me the first time he met me. You see, had they not obeyed, I can not imagine where I would be. Obedience leads to great things, and in my case a heart full.
Believing: Believing that God knows best without our grubby hands is so important. We may not always understand the why’s or how comes, but if we choose to believe in HIS plan and not take hold of the reigns of our own life and understand Jeremiah 29:11….For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and to not harm you….Once we will truly believe this, we will be in a place where we can just stand in AWE of our Savior! Sometimes I want to climb to the tallest mountain and scream at the top of my lungs in complete reverence to HIM! In HIS presence is fullness of joy!!!!
Encouragement: It has been 23 years since I have been adopted and a huge part of my healing has come through the encouragement, and prayers for not only myself but from my adoptive parents, close friends and my adoptive family. Whether it be a note, a friend who calls to pray with you on the phone, or a counselor, you will be surprised at how timely those notes, calls or sessions can be. God has given some people the ability to listen and help dissect and guide you through the things that are hard to understand and to even climb out of the pit. I am a stuffer and so just in the last few years I have started to seek Godly counsel and allow different people to tell me how it is without the jargon and sugar coated answers. I have a feeling it will be a layer at a time, and possibly for the rest of my earthly life, and while it is challenging, it is refreshing and necessary in the healing process.  
Dreams: Have realistic dreams. I dreamed for so long that I would have a normal family life. Mom, would remind me that if I had the “normal” family, I wouldn’t be where I was. Well, the reality of normal, that is, if we all take off our masks, is not really anywhere. I do not think it was wrong for me to dream; for what in my head seemed normal, however for sometime, I would compare myself to others and what they had. On the flip side, I think it caused this immediate desire to fight for something different in my own life. If I knew one thing only, it was that I never wanted to relive or raise a family in the chaos I came from. I had the dream of one day breaking my biological family cycles.  
Importance of Forgiveness: Luke 6:37 (NIV) "...Forgive, and you will be forgiven. What is natural to "the flesh" when we have been hurt, abused or insulted is to strike back, to plot revenge, or to simmer in bitterness. This is "only human". But God requires forgiveness. If we are unwilling--or unable--to forgive, then there is no use asking God for what He has promised us, He will not give. For believers, dealing with the sin of un-forgiveness is first priority. Without forgiveness it is obviously does not allow complete healing. For many years I thought I had forgiven my biological mom, but when I came in contact with her just recently, I felt literal heat rise and anger towards her again. I then put myself in her shoes.  I looked at her and this sadness came over me. What had occurred in her own life? Did some one hurt her deeply? Did anyone show her the truth? Did she even know the love of a forgiving Savior? As crazy as it sounds, once these thoughts came over me, I felt a sense of true forgiveness and freedom from family bondage, self inflicted guilt and hatred.

Enjoy what God has given you and the life he has allowed you to have. Like I said before, I think it is easy to compare ourselves to others, but we as a nation are blessed, as a people are given so many chances, and for the most part have what we need. There is always someone worse off than yourself, but remember that God has you where He has you for a reason. Enjoy the gifts and talents that He has given to those around us. MUSIC has played a key role in my determination to succeed in life. Worshiping my God in song has brought me into a closer relationship with Him, and has given me the strength to get out of bed, to cry, laugh, and sometimes just fall completely on my knees in reverence to HIM!
Needs: We all have love languages and ways we like to be "loved". I have the biggest fear of rejection and while I am genuinely passionate about other people, I struggle with people pleasing. This has caused me to stop enjoying the life God has given in order to ensure that everybody else had a great life. This doesn’t work people. Frankly we become miserable, mask our own issues that just continue to build and we become weary. When our needs are not not reciprocated in the way we see fit, we feel rejected and set ourselves up for disappointments all over again. I feel, regardless of our situations in life, most women struggle with this to a point, but “Jesus NEVER rejects us, He ALWAYS loves. He is not looking for performance, just our worship and love. Then we are truly free to serve where called.”
Caring: Caring about others and their hearts/well-being should be something we are aware of. We have all gone through things that give us the ability to relate to others. God can use us to encourage and give hope to those people. For me, I am passionate about orphans and foster children. My desire to serve them, love them and show them the hope of Jesus has been a huge part of my ministry here on earth. We are all called to something....allow yourself to be the hands and feet and allow God to be the mastermind so that He is truly working through us and is SEEN. "Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus." Philippians 2:3-7- Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.
Envelope: Envelope yourself and others in prayer! Pray for God’s strength and direction in your own life, but also in the lives of the people who have hurt you. You may not always get the chance to see how your prayers may be effecting that person’s life, but it is so important and obviously needed. It can be so easy to put those people in the past and come up with all kinds of excuses as to why we shouldn’t care for them or pray for them. It is in these moments we should remember our own muck that our forgiving Father pulled us out of.  I BELIEVE HE can move mountains so I am convinced that HE can change the hearts of people.
Tatum has been on my heart a lot lately. She will be turning 7 in January. I was almost 7 years old when my biological parents signed their rights away. Although my heart is filled with gratefulness and joy for my adoption, I can't help but feel completely perplexed and sad. I love Tatum with my whole heart and the very thought that I could just give her away because things got too hard or because I possibly chose to live selfishly, is almost more than my heart can bear. I will love her bigger and stronger, in the good and the bad. 

I share all this to ask that you partner with me to help raise $800 to pay for the bus that will take the kids to and from camp. This week could be a life changing week for one of these kids. I am not out to save them all or even the world, but I am out to at least plant a seed of hope in them and to show them that they are WORTHY and that they are CHOSEN, by a God who created them. 

If you are willing to give, please know that it will be worth every penny. You can send a check to:

7000 N. Seneca
Wichita, KS 67204

Written to:
Pathway Church

Thank you for considering and for your willingness to help! 

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